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History of the Full Gospel Christian Fellowship


“God showed you to me . . . You are a man about a good work . . . Stay focused . . . I see you, in the days to come, as a Bishop over a great work. . .I pray I live to see it.”      


These are the words spoken by Willie Mae Hickey, a true prophetic gift into the life of Pastor J. Charles Carrington Jr. 


Since that time, the Lord has opened doors and established Pastor Carrington in meaningful relationships.  Many of these relationships developed into covenant connections.  As the Lord continued to develop and teach him obedience through the things he suffered, it became more and more evident that God was carefully orchestrating events in order to bring His vessel to this point. Gradually, pastors from around the country and overseas began to look to Pastor Carrington for friendship, guidance, counsel, and in due course he became their covering.  Pastor and Lady Carrington traveled to Wiesbaden, Germany preaching the word of God with the aid of an interpreter.  While there the power of God moved and blessed the people and many lives were changed.


In February of 1999, Pastor Carrington called together a group of Pastors to discuss the formation of an “Organism” for the purposes of Fellowship, Affirmation, Edification, Education, Agreement, Fortification, and Accountability. The Full Gospel Christian Fellowship would endeavor to draw and gain from a mutual pool of Godly and productive relationships. Acts 13:1-3 is the Biblical precedent for this clarion call. From this meeting the initial gathering of this fellowship convened in September of 1999. God showed up mightily confirming the validity and purpose of this gathering by His awesome presence. The power of God was so overwhelming that unbelievers were moved to give their hearts to the Lord. 


At that time it became evident to the Pastors and ministry gifts that they needed a single tie to bound them together. Pastor Carrington was unanimously conferred as that tie. The burden to lead was then placed upon the shoulders of Pastor Carrington. After praying and carefully seeking the mind and the will of God, and receiving counsel from Godly men such as Bishop Monroe R. Saunders, Sr., Bishop Alfred Kee, Bishop John Gimenez, Apostle Lee Stutzman, and Bishop Jerome Stokes, Pastor Carrington  now stands before us today as the Bishop-Designate of the Full Gospel Christian Fellowship.


Some ten years after the prophetic words from the lips of Mother Willie Mae Hickey, The Full Gospel Christian Fellowship, and this man of God came fully into their purpose after the Consecration of then Pastor J. Charles Carrington, Jr. to the Office of Bishop and General Overseer of the Full Gospel Christian Fellowship on December 3, 1999. 


Now, ten years later, the Full Gospel Christian Fellowship celebrates the milestone of a decade in ministry. From our initial convention in September 1999, to our present celebration of a decade spent remaining consistent to the original mandate, the Presiding Bishop J. Charles Carrington Jr. and the Board of Directors, Bishop Leroy McClain, Bishop Richard J. Hunter II,  Pastor David A. Carrington, Pastor Dorothy Vines, Elder Kyra Lyles, and Minister Vivian Rice, are charting the course for a greater realization of a people united together for the purposes of Fellowship, Affirmation, Edification, Education, Agreement, Fortification, and Accountability. 


We are not just a fellowship, an organism, or a gathering of ministries; celebrating Ten Years to the Glory of GOD, We Are a Family!

Bishop J. Charles Carrington, Jr.

Presiding Bishop

Elect Lady Althea Carrington
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